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Xbox One is not only the term that Microsoft has chosen to describe an “all-in-one” capable of performing any kind of media content, but also the term for an exclusive feature of the console. The Xbox One, in fact, running three different operating systems that cooperate with each other to offer the user a high level of use.

Microsoft has designed an operating system based on Windows 8 kernel and optimized for the console. This is the software that will be used to run applications, such as Skype, and all the different content from the game downloaded from the store. A virtualization technology, like Hyper-V, will be used to allocate system resources to a dedicated Xbox OS, when the user performs a game. Xbox OS is a separate entity, and will not be involved by the update planned for the Windows. The third operating system instead plays the role of intermediary, allowing the two previous OS to exchange information.

The approach chosen by Microsoft allows to create different “layers” full HD 1080p generated independently and superimposed to one another: this allows, for example, to make a video call with Skype during a game session. The triple operating system is also the solution chosen by Microsoft to take advantage of the HDMI passthrough feature, with which you can display the output of an external source in one window, while they are playing a game or application. It is not known at the time the level of cross-compatibility between apps for Windows 8 and the Xbox One. However, the transition from one platform to another should be fairly painless.

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