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Allowed Countries: United States

Free Samsung Galaxy S III has been designed on a human scale, with a range of features highly intuitive. In addition to recognizing your face and your voice, automatically interprets your gestures and your movements. It has a design inspired by nature and a technological heart is unparalleled.

Surprises you with advanced features.
S Voice

S Voice

Samsung GALAXY S III has evolute control function
voice ‘S Voice’, the virtual assistant multifunction
that responds to your commands. In addition to allowing the
information search, S Voice integrates powerful for
the control of the device and commands such as playback
of your favorite songs, raise or lower the volume, send
text messages and e-mail, organize your calendar, make a
Internet search or start the camera automatically
and take a picture.

Social tags

Social tag

Now it’s even easier not to lose sight
your friends and loved ones. Social tags you
allows you to connect the faces in your album
photos to their profiles on social networking sites.
Once set up, all you have to do
is to look at their pictures and you will see the
their current state.

Direct Call

Chiamata Diretta

In addition to recognizing the face and voice, Samsung
GALAXY S III picks up the user’s movements, for
deliver unprecedented usability. If you are
sending a message to one person, but it is decided,
suddenly, to call, simply lift
smartphone to your ear and the function
‘Direct Call’ will dial the number directly.
Intelligent Auto Standby

Standby Intelligente

Free Samsung GALAXY S III revolutionizes the interaction between the device and the consumer, face recognition, voice and gestures of each user to provide a user experience more immediate and personal. Thanks to the innovative Intelligent Auto Standby function, Galaxy S III recognizes when you look at him and keeps her active display: so you can comfortably read an e-book, watch a movie or surf the web without ever having to turn the screen. And if you turn the gaze turns off automatically.

Intelligent Notification

Notifica Intelligente

With the ‘Notify Intelligent’ the new Galaxy S III will notify you of any messages or missed calls, vibrating not just return to your hand the phone.
Spectacular intelligent Share
Connect, share and enjoy.
S Beam

S Beam

Through the revolutionary S Beam no more
fastest way to share your files: simply
associating it to another Galaxy S III can exchange
your content without WiFi or signal
network. For example, a video from 1 GB in less than three
minutes and music files from 10 MB in less than two

AllShare Play

AllShare Play

With ‘AllShare Play’, users can connect
wirelessly to your Galaxy S III
any media device with support
DLNA – tablet, PC or TV – to share
immediately any file regardless
the distance between the devices.

Condivisione Foto Amici
Photos Friends

Manage and share your photos could not be easier than this. The phone recognizes faces and connects them for you, using your group profiles as guidelines. Now you’re one step away from sharing your photos with everyone in an instant and with a simple touch.
Spectacular intelligent Share
Galaxy S III has a core technology is unparalleled. Simple and elegant design inspired by nature.
With extreme processing power and fluidity unmatched.


The soft lines and fascinating of Galaxy S III
come alive with the beauty of nature, creating
an object of innovative and elegant design.
Available in two colors truly unique:
pebble blue and white marble.
Its ergonomic design and elegant you will ensure
an ease of use unmatched.
Video Pop up

Video Pop up

Samsung GALAXY S III also has additional features that revolutionize the user experience, such as ‘Pop Up Video’ a feature that allows you to play a video anywhere on the screen and other running programs, thus eliminating the need to stop and restart the video when you check new e-mail messages or browsing the Internet.

4.8 HD Super AMOLED

4.8 HD Super AMOLED

HD Super AMOLED display with a 4.8-inch, the new Galaxy S III offers a viewing experience with superb clarity and brilliant colors.

Best Shot

Scatto Migliore

The smart camera of 8 megapixel GALAXY S III has an amazing shutter speed, allowing you to shoot easily even moving objects. Thanks to the ‘Best Shot’, which selects one of eight shots the best photo, GALAXY S III ensures that users experience immediate and memorable shot.

Exynos processor
Quad Core 1.4 GH

Processore Exynos Quad Core 1.4 GH

Offers unique performance for power, speed and fluidity with an energy saving of over 20%.
Long battery life

Batteria a lunga durata

Galaxy S III is equipped with a 2100 mAh battery that allows you to communicate, work and play without the risk of interruption for a whole day and beyond.

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