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The PlayStation 3, registered with the brand PLAYSTATION 3 ™ and abbreviated as PS3 ™, is a video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, equipped with various multimedia functions in addition to those of gaming entertainment.

The PlayStation 3 offers a next-generation graphics with its system that is able to reproduce the most graphic details and thanks to the central processor Cell and GPU Nvidia RSX. Blu-ray, which is distributed on the most games, allow you to store a large amount of multimedia content, at the expense of a reduced transfer rate, making it compulsory in certain securities market installation on the hard drive of a part of the data.

The PlayStation 3 supports high definition, managing Full HD resolutions up to 1080p. The games for the PlayStation 3 are typically designed to exploit basic high definition (usually at 720p resolution), in fact there are few games compatible with Full HD, while the games for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 (the latter only compatible with some versions of the console) are adapted to the higher resolution through a process called upscaling.

The PlayStation 3 is a media console: as Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0 allows you to watch movies in high definition up to 1080p on a Full HD TV. The console also reads CD, Super Audio CD and DVD-ROM. On your hard drive you can store music files, digital photos, movies and video in general. From December 2007 through the firmware update 2:10 console also runs movies DiVX and VC-1.

You can store on your hard drive even the data in the memory of the PlayStation Portable or a pendrive by connecting via USB.

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