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Pets are like family members and in some families, they are treated just like children. But when it comes to taking care of them, it can sometimes be very expensive, especially if they get sick or need continual medication.

There are however many ways to save money on these supplies.Free Pet Coupons are the first source to look to. Coupons for pet food, treats and medications are often in the newspaper and online coupon websites. Coupons are also often sent out by pet supply stores to attract customers to their store. Another method to use in conjunction with coupons is to buy in bulk. Typically, large quantities of dog food are less expensive than small quantities.

Also look for samples of treats in pet stores and pet supply discount shops. Sign up on websites to be alerted to discounts and coupons that become available. Take pets to local pet fairs and pet events in the community. Suppliers often set up booths to pitch products and will have samples and coupons available.

Other pet supplies, such as crates, dog beds, leashes and more can often be found on Craigslist or Ebay. Craigslist has a free section where people advertise things they are giving away. People who have no longer have a pet will occasionally give away their pet’s items to keep from having to toss them in the trash. Local Goodwill stores are also another place to look for discounted pet supplies.

Pet medications and flea repellents can be purchased online at deeper discounts than the vet’s office can give. The vet can fax the prescription to the company who will then fill and mail it to the home at a fraction of the cost. Many animal immunizations can be purchased at local farmer co-ops and administered at home.

Purchasing the food and supplies needed by pets can be expensive, however, there are many discount options that can save money and keep those little friends happy and healthy. pet food coupons  can be ordered online to save  your money.

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