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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is widely recognized by its abbreviated form KFC in just about every household. If you go walking down a main street in some large city, the chances are that you will come across a KFC restaurant. It’s no exaggeration simply because KFC at present runs more than 5200 restaurants in U.S alone and fifteen thousand outside U.S. Each day some twelve million customers are served in 109 countries.
KFC was started as a small restaurant by Hanland Sanders in 1930 during the gloomy days of economic depression. called as Sander’s Court and cafe, it specialised in selling fried chicken. The fried chicken that was cooked with a secret recipe became famous and brought immense prosperity and fame to Sanders in every single city where he opened his chain of restaurants. In 1952, the company was founded as Kentucky Fried Chicken. The abbreviated form of the name viz KFC was adopted in the year 1991.

The factors behind KFC’s enormous recognition can be briefly stated as follows:

– During the years after its opening in 1930, KFC first targeted the working class as its primary clientele. The working class found KFC quite suitable as the workers could eat a quick tasty meal and then get back to work.
– KFC got families of workers as its consumers due to the growing popularity of the fried chicken.
– KFC worked hard as well as made huge investments to produce completely new tastes for its items.
– KFC has borne social responsibilities since it was founded. It has a healthy staff- management relationship and has opened avenues for several work oppurtunities.

KFC’s basic product is chicken pieces which are fried with pressure. It was produced following Sander’s recipe as well as the originality preserved in the recipe. An additional of the chicken item is extremely crisp, uses a marinade which constitutes garlic as an ingredient, and the chicken is dipped in flour. deep-frying is done in a machine for the same.

KFC’s grilled chicken is a marinated type of chicken of the grilled variety. Fat , sodium and calories are much less in this kind compared to the fried chicken along with authentic recipe.

KFC gives two types of sandwiches. One is the regular type and the other the snacker’s line. The normal’type is prepared from chopped chicken or whole bread fillet together with a sauce. . The oother consists of strips of chicken and various toppings.

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