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Free Apple iPod Touch 5 has an extremely slim design, trendy and modern. The reader is characterized by the highest quality materials (aluminum) that give outstanding lightness and that will be appreciated by many due to the presence of different colors, all fun and modern. The reader, extremely thin, discusses measures equal to 12.34 x 5.86 x 0.61 cm and a light weight of 88 grams Appendix. Very interesting the insertion of the strap (the so-called iPod Touch Loop) which appears as a choice but reinterpreted retro-style Apple. Overall the design of this new Apple iPod Touch 5G is simply beautiful.

Features and Capabilities

Pros: A5 Processor, Modern and elegant design, FaceTime HD camera, 4-inch Retina Display, iSight camera 5 MP, Siri, 5 different beautiful colors; IPod Touch Loop
The strength of the brand new Apple free iPod Touch 5 is the widescreen Retina display 4-inch Multi-Touch display with IPS technology and a resolution of 1136×640 pixels at 326 ppi with a maximum brightness (typical course) of 500 cd/m2 and a oleophobic coating to fingerprint proof: almost the best you could ask for. The beautiful display would serve no purpose if it were not accompanied by a processor at the level of graphics that we can get with this little gem and it is for this reason that Apple has seen fit to equip the device with a dual-core A5 chip that achieves a graphics up to seven times faster and twice the performance of the previous model of the iPod Touch. The high performance processor that allows this is certainly highlighted when using games for iOS6 downloaded directly from the Apple Store. In addition, at least on paper, the new core A5 chip consumes less than their predecessors, and in fact allows a range of up to 40 hours of audio playback or up to 8 hours of video playback on a single charge (about 2 hours quick charge and about 4 hours for full charge). On the back of the device will find another strong point of the touch and that is the iSight camera of 5 MP with autofocus, function “touches and Focus” for photos and videos, LED flash, and BSI sensor. The camera, as well as having advanced optics, you can also capture HD video at 1080p, and through the front camera, FaceTime video calling enables you to perform better than in the past. In addition, thanks to the panorama function of the camera itself, you can make panoramic images practically perfect.
Obviously, the new Apple iPod Touch 5G is not only a media console that allows internet browsing in WiFi but it is also an audio-video quality, this is also thanks to the brand new earphones EarPods that allow audio listening unprecedented and with a yield audio record. Connectivity 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi (802.11n 2.4GHz and 5GHz) is joined by the always convenient (and sometimes necessary especially in the car) Bluetooth 4.0 for the sharing of music and not only (see for example the built-in support for Nike +). The new iPod Touch, like all the new Apple device, is equipped with the new connector Lighting double-face which is still compatible with the accessories that you have purchased in the past as long as you buy the appropriate adapter. On the back of the aluminum body will find something that for many is retro, for other news and other useless: I’m talking about the new iPod touch loop strap that allows you to keep your new iPod attached to the wrist in a safe and comfortable enough (of course the strap supplied is coordinated with the color of the iPod).

Along with the new iPod touch 5, Apple has launched the EarPods, new headsets completely redesigned data supplied with the new iPhone 5 and next-generation iPod touch, and sold individually at the Apple Store.

These new headphones have immediately caught our attention, not so much for the curious aspect but for the incredible capabilities described during the keynote presentation of the iPhone 5.

By opening the package of the new iPhone 5, we gathered to unpack another box, perhaps the most beautiful ever seen for a pair of headphones. Not only the box that keeps them safe headphones, but it holds the coiled wire preventing it weaves, very convenient during transport.

Determined to try them right away, I connected the iPhone 5 by starting one of the songs uploaded to iTunes Match. The quality of the song was absolutely high but EarPods have immediately demonstrated their value, immersing myself in the sound like never before the Apple headphones.

Each headphone is in fact equipped with two speakers, one classic and the other pointing right inside the ear. This dual speaker creates the effect “surround” that make it so special this new Apple headphones.

And ‘course, also the microphone and the buttons to answer a call (put it to sleep and start playing a song), lower and raise the volume.

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