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iPhone 5 Detail

Free iPhone 5,this offer from our site.Let’s look at all the features of this product

Aesthetics and ergonomics

There is little to say, the aesthetic judgment is subjective. Personally I find a great iPhone 5 beautiful object from aesthetic point of view, mainly due to the high quality materials: aluminum, ceramic and glass. The back and the edge are made of aluminum, except for the two strips on the back which are ceramic to allow the proper functioning of the antennas. Whereas in the white frame is aluminum as with previous models, the black Apple has decided to “burnish” the metal with an aesthetic effect very rewarding.

iphone 5 is very nice to handle, thin and very light (112 grams, 7.6 mm thick). In front there is a classic home button and speaker at the top.

The screen is “stretched” compared to previous versions: it has a 16:9 aspect ratio (3:2 unlike the previous model).

Being accustomed to the previous models the first impression is that the object is out of proportion, but with a few minutes of use this perception disappears for the excellent ergonomics: unlike many competitors are using the device easily with one hand and is very comfortable.


As previously mentioned the screen is larger. In fact, this helps a lot especially in the vision of video or games, and when the device is in landscape mode. The colors are brighter than previous models, and the sensitivity of the touch is top notch as always. Color calibration is more “hot” than previous models (which leads some to consider the display “yellow”). In reltà this makes the display more restful especially for heavy reading. According DisplayMate (which is a real institution for what concerns the display) screen of the iPhone 5 is the absolute best among all


This time Apple has produced a processor that actually seems to outperform the competition today, despite being “only” a dual core. there is currently a smartphone that is faster.

The GPU (graphics processor) instead has 3 core and also in this case the performance is the best in class. It ‘should be noted that an iphone 5 is at least twice faster than its predecessor iphone 4s.


There were no substantial changes here, but only “improvements” to what was already an excellent camera in the previous model. 8 megapixel remain, however, thanks to a lens “sapphire” and a sensor sony better, there are improvements in photos taken in low light conditions.

Another new feature introduced with iOs 6 (therefore also available with the 4s) are the panoramic photos: although it was already possible to make these shots by APP third party, now the quality is better, thanks to a highly evolved to perform continuous shooting , always following the same line of horizon


The sound quality of phone calls, thanks to three built-in microphones, is exceptional. Others will feel perfectly thanks to the microphones that allow the automatic cancellation of background noise. Even the built-in speaker for hands-free turn out to be of good quality


Obviously we find in the latest iOS version: 6.0. This version of the system does not seem to have been much appreciated by users because of the “poor” that introduces new. However, we must highlight the following new features:

iPhone 5 Battery

The battery lasts a little more than 4s. For example when you write I 34% with use of 3 hours and 30 and 19 of standby. The iphone 4s (with the same time in use) is around 20%

Here are the  8 most important things to know on the iPhone 5:

1. The new mobile phone from Apple has a Retina display (326 PPI) sRGB 4 inch with more pixels than the iPhone 4S, 1136 x 640 instead of 960 x 640. The format is 16:9 and increasing the height of the display rather than the width, the iPhone 5 is easy to use even with one hand, but his screen includes even more content. Also increased saturation of 44%.
2. The iPhone 5 supports the standards for cellular connectivity LTE and DC-HSDPA and supports Wi-Fi 802.11n dual-band wireless links up to a maximum (theoretical) 150 Mbps.
3. The processor is now a A6, required to support all the new features, including the display increased and new connectivity options. According to Apple graphics performance and CPU are up to two times faster than the previous iPhone all’A5.
4. The duration of the battery remains essentially unchanged due to the greater energy efficiency of the processor. Autonomy is “equal to or greater” than that of the 4S, which was about eight hours.
5. The iSight camera is always 8 megapixel camera, but has a protective sapphire crystal lens, produces better results in low-light conditions, has a shutter speed increased by 40%, and a function to capture panoramic images. Video footage now have an improved stabilization, face detection in video (up to 10) and the ability to take pictures while recording and the new front camera FaceTime HD and is now also allows you to do self-portraits and record HD video at 720p. Also improved the audio with a new directional microphone “beam-forming”, a new technology for noise reduction and support for wideband audio.
6. The iPhone 5 has a new anodized aluminum enclosure with rounded edges and diamond inlays and glass. It is 7.6 mm thick, and weighs 112 grams 18% thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4S 20%. Apple claims it is “the thinnest smartphone in the world.”
7. Comes a new connector, called Lightning is smaller, more “intelligent” and stronger than before. Fully digital, has an adaptive uses only the signals required by each accessory, and is reversible, that is inserted in both directions. A 30-pin adapter Lightning will connect the iPhone 5 accessories with the old connector.
8. With the iPhone 5 includes new Apple Earphones EarPods that should ensure a more natural comfort and greater strength, and the same sound quality of the old high-end earphones.

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