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Free CoverGirl eyeshadow comes in a multitude of colors, combination packs and finishes. From shimmering to matte you can find just about everything you need with this mega popular brand. CoverGirl does a great job arranging and choosing colors for you but many people are switching to the singles.

Now a few words about choosing the right color

First we must consider skin tone and eye color. Believe it or not, skin tone has more of an effect of how your eyeshadow looks on you than your eye color. Your skin tone is the canvas for your face. Extremely pale people have the largest choice of colors. Since pale skin can carry almost any color, people with this hue will often look to eye color, hair color, or the clothing they are wearing to decide the best colors for them. They are certainly right to do this and demonstrate a good understanding of their gifts when they do so.

Medium skin tones can fall into three main areas: the warmer pink tones, tan or brown tones or olive yellow tones. Usually you will be able to tell the eyeshadow color to compliment your face the best by following the clothes you wear. If you look great in baby blue than you will look great in baby blue eyeshadow but don’t wear them at the same time. Colorful eye makeup is fun but if you have decided to wear baby blue try a green or purple instead. Some women can even get away with the exact opposite color and go for a coral or orange tone if they are wearing blue.

Some of the most popular types of CoverGirl eyeshadow include: Smoky Shadowblast, Eye Enhancers Kit Shadows, Exact Highlights and the Queen collection.

People with very dark complexions can get away with many colors that medium and light complexions simply cannot handle. An ebony woman can pull off a mostly yellow lid and look fantastic where paler complexions might look sickly or just off. CoverGirl eyeshadow colors for lighter skins are great and they look amazing in shimmers too. The darker canvas really lets you experiment with the opacity of the color.

Free covergirl eye shadow is great offer for makeup lovers. You should not to miss this offer.

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