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Free Charmin Toilet Paper!

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Charmin Toilet Paper is a popular toilet paper which is manufactured by the company named Charmin. The history of the company dates back to 1928 when it was named Hoberg which later changed its current name. Its products are sold across the United States of America and Europe. In Europe, it is marketed by Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA) under the brand name Cushelle. Charmin Paper is available in various types namely Charmin Freshmates, Charmin Basic and Charmin Extender etc.

‘Charmin Freshmates’ is a brand of Charmin Paper which is a soft toilet paper and can be easily flushed and moisture is added to it so as to provide better experience than a dry tissue paper. ‘Charmin Basic’ is it’s another brand which is manufactured from a single sheet of paper. There is another popular brand named Charmin Ultra which uses two sheets instead of one. This is more tensile than the single sheet brand Charmin Basic and is more durable.

There are some other similar products like Charmin Soft, Basic or Ultra Strong. There is no use of any kind of harmful dyes or inks which might cause any type of irritation in any individual. Extensive tests have been conducted to ensure that it does not clog severs or septic tanks. It degrades on its own in due course of time.

Free Charmin toilet paper is great sample for use in your toilet, and saveing your money.

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