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Black MacBook Air, the thinnest laptop in the world. His reputation is not undeserved: MBA is an innovative product that without even being on the market is already causing quite a stir. It is an ultraportable with 13.3 “LED backlit. The choice of LEDs instead of ordinary CCFL lamps, as well as a positive impact on consumption and brilliance, it is also a significant step forward in the field of environmental protection, because free from harmful substances such as mercury and arsenic.

Despite its very small thickness (4mm – 19.4mm) inside the aluminum case beats the heart of a true Mac (of course, Mac-Intel): Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6GHz on the basic version (or as a BTO 1.8GHz) with a smaller footprint than conventional CPU Intel Merom. In the absence of more precise information about the identity of these CPUs, we advance our hypothesis: it could be Intel Core 2 Duo Low-voltage with reduced package of 22mm square, which, in the absence of instructions from the Santa Clara chipmaker, could take the name of Core 2 Duo SL7500 and SL7700. In short, the evidence available to us make us think about the transition between the current processors Intel Core 2 Duo L7500 and L7700 and future processors Intel Montevina Core 2 Duo SL9300 and SL9400.


The RAM is 2GB, part of which will be used by the graphics card in the Intel X3100 chipset Intel 965GM. The HDD is a 80GB Serial ATA 1.8 “probably the same mounted on iPod Classic with Suddem Motion System, or you can choose a 64GB SSD drive, a real novelty in Apple.

The allocation of ports is extremely thin: 1 USB, 1 MagSafe connector for power, 1 headphone jack and mini-DVI output. The latter, through appropriate adapters, can be transformed into a Single Link DVI, VGA (included with the MacBook Air) composite video and S-Video.


The battery is built and duration declared mixed use with active wireless is 5 hours, completed its life cycle it may be replaced at a service center for the same price of a battery of a MacBook Pro Being a product aimed at maximum mobility, equipped with a wireless network card with support for standard n, the fastest currently available and BT with Profile 2.1. Unlike many other ultraportables, MacBook Air includes an iSight camera in the frame of the screen, accompanied by a microphone and an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the display and the keyboard backlight, the speaker, however, is invisible in fact it is located under the keyboard.

MacBook Air is equipped with any type of optical drive but comes with Remote Disc, a special software that allow you to share the drive to any Mac or PC on the network, this also with regard to the installation of the OS. However, for those who can not do without an optical drive, Apple provides a SuperDrive USB powered, designed specifically for MacBook Air. The introduction of this handset has brought with it a series of software updates, for example hour Migration Assistant, a tool that allows you to copy configuration and other files from one Mac to another, it also works wirelessly and not only through Firewire.


Among the many new features, the trackpad is definitely worth our attention: it is the result of experience with iPhone and iPod Touch, using the same multi-touch technology. This new input device provides access to new features through the movement of the fingers on the membrane, for example if we want to rotate a photo we just position ourselves over the photo itself and to run two fingers on the pad to see it move on the screen. To zoom has run adopted the same solution used in the iPhone, while it is new to use 3 fingers to scroll lists, or to navigate back and forth between tabs in Safari.

After this presentation, we had the opportunity to experience live the new born in Apple. At first glance, the responsiveness of the OS is very good and you do not notice any difference with his older brother MacBook. The gesture trackpad are well implemented within the OS and if a user has any doubts about them in the menu trackpad in System Preferences, simple video showing the correct movements to be carried out with your fingers. Once you close the screen and lifting up the handset you have the feeling that it is lighter than its 1.36Kg.
The CPU does not heat up much, but there it was possible to test it under load. During the test, Todd answered some questions about the new technologies of the Apple MacBook Air. Regarding the SSD’s been said that the consumption of these discs are the same as those of the ATA 4200rpm put standard in the base model and then the real reason for which they are used is their resistance to shocks, and since this is a product designed to move around a lot it seems to me a sensible choice although there is still the limit of write cycles. Speaking with Todd also revealed that Apple creating this product was not planning to target the business man superimpegnato and always on the go as you might imagine, but the common user of personal computers. According to him, many people use the computer to chat, send email, surf the Internet, listen to music, use office suites such as Microsoft Office or iWork, or watching a movie, for all of these functions do not need high computing power and portability can be preferred and design. Exactly what Apple did with the MacBook Air.

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