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McDonald’s began in the California town of San Bernardino back in 1940 when Richard and Maurice (Dick and Mac) McDonald opened up McDonald’s BBQ Restaurant. Thanks to innovations such as theirSpeedee Service System, and other systems and principles, McDonald’s has grown into the largest fast food restaurant chain in the world, and has done more to influence the entire industry than any other company.

That one little hamburger joint has grown into over 33,000 locations in 119 countries around the globe, and serves over 64 million customers every day. It is now easily one of the most recognized and well known companies throughout the world.

McDonalds has always been known as a place to get a fast, delicious, and most importantly affordable meal. McDonalds has somehow over the years managed to keep its prices low with minimal price inflation. You can easily buy a couple of filling items for just a couple of dollars, and if you want to go all out with a full meal deal plus a dessert, you can do that for not too much more. McDonalds routinely has special sales and offers open to the public. This usually involves chain-wide special deals that don’t require coupons. But there are also additional free McDonald coupons for you to get your hands on. You can get these free Mcdonald’s gift card by joining McDonalds’ exclusive “preferred subscriber” list, which can be done on their website.

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